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Attending the "Festival of Quilts" at the NEC - we will be out of the office from Tuesday 16th Aug until Tues 23rd Aug.

All orders placed after 12 noon on Monday 15th Aug will not be shipped until at least The 23rd Aug.

Block of the Month

“Grandma's Butterfly Garden”

Traditional Concept – Modern Twist

A new Block of the Month – Wall Hanging Quilt from Ashmead Designs.

The Grandma’s Butterfly Garden BoM is based around the traditional and much loved design of Grandmother’s Flower Garden. We have taken the concept and updated it to the 21st century!

The quilt is made up of 86 individual ‘rosettes’, every one different. We have used six main colours and broken these down to light and dark, giving us a colour combination for each month.

After much searching for the right fabric for our new quilt, we settled on ‘Dashwood Studio – Twist’ as it gives texture and adds interest to the quilt.

Each month for 12 months you will receive one set of 6 different flowers and 1 butterfly, making a total over the year of 72 flowers and 12 butterflies. Those of you good at maths will realise that gives you a total of 84 not the 86… At some time during the year you will receive two ‘Lucky Dip – Butterflies’ to make the total up to 86!

Each block has a feature colour combined with a coordinating colour and a contrast colour. The contrast colour runs through all the blocks to give continuity. The ‘path’ colour that we have chosen is a charcoal grey to give the quilt a more contemporary feel.

In your monthly package you will receive one colour set for the seven rosettes, part of the background path and the thread required for that colour block. The rosettes have been designed to be sewn using one main colour (with the exception of the lilies).

With the first pack you will receive a large reel of dark grey thread for the background, a bobbin of white thread for sewing the centres of the lilies and a pack of sewing needles.

As with all our kits, the surface fabrics required each month are cut to shape by us, so that all you have to do is - get sorted and start sewing!

What is Block of the Month?

You pay a set amount each month, for 12 months. For each payment of £28.50 you will receive, through the post, a package that contains everything you need to complete one set of flowers, which will grow into your own ‘Grandma’s Butterfly Garden Quilt’.

Please note: Our ‘Block of the Month’ is all Hand-Sewn.

To register for this beautiful block of the month, simply order your first block below – this will give us your contact details. We will then be in touch to sort out future payment details.

When ordering the first block you are signing up for the full 12 months. If you have any questions please email designs@ashmead.com or call Suzi on 07890 584386.

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