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Hexiform is an alternative to the paper or card that is usually used in 'English Paper Piecing'.
Unlike paper or card, Hexiform is not removed - it remains in place to give quality form and finish.
Hexiform is fully washable, so there is no problem leaving it in.

available as:

Hexiform Sheet

Hexiform Pre-cuts

Pack of 60 Hexagons:

For Balls - a Pack of 32 Hexagons/Pentagons:

Pack of 60 Pentagons:

Pack of 90 Equilateral Triangles:

Pack of 90 Diamonds:

Pack of 100 Squares:

Pack of 60 Jewels:

Pack of 60 Kites:

Pack of 60 Skinny Hexagons:

Pack of 60 Bishop's Hats:

Pack of 60 Honeycombs:

Pack of 60 Half Hexagons:

Pack of 60 Hexagon Flat Tops:

Pack of 60 Extended Hexagons:

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