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Block of the Month

(Almost there!)

“Sew Your Own Secret Garden”

What is Block of the Month?

You pay a set amount each month, for a set number of months. For each payment of £24.00 you will receive, through the post, a package that contains everything you need to complete one set of flowers, which will grow into your own design of wall hanging which would be……. 'Your Secret Garden'.

Please note: Our ‘Block of the Month’ is all Hand-Sewn.

"Sew Your Own Secret Garden” - is a series of flowers. It will run for 12 months, so every month a new flower will bloom.

Each block is designed around the structure of a three-quarter inch grid. This means that every flower will always finish with three-quarter inch hexagons, so they will always ‘fit’ together.

The fabrics that we use for our blocks are simple blenders, so that there is always a background texture to each petal and leaf.

The colours and shapes used for each flower will indicate the flower, for instance rich blue for delphiniums and a striking red for the poppies.

The definition comes with the use of beads, buttons or embroidery stitches.

The coverage of each block is approximately a 10” x 10” (25cm x 25cm) square. Your finished block will not necessarily form a square.

The first ‘Block’ will be the Delphinium, as this is the easiest block to complete and gives you a good starting point.

You can choose which month to start (It will always be the Delphinium) so the second block will be the next month’s flower.

What is in the package?

Everything that you need! Just plan a “Me Time” afternoon, make yourself a cuppa and open your package….
All fabrics and ‘Hexiform’ pieces pre-cut.
Any embellishments needed for that flower.
Sewing thread.
2 x A4 Sheet of paper – showing a three-quarter hexagon grid.
Full instructions for the block and an A4 colour photo of the block.

Here is a list of the flowers that will grow in Your Secret Garden:
Delphinium - Poppy - Clematis - Foxglove - Tiger Lily - Hollyhock - Nasturtium - Spray Rose - Blue Anemone - Peony - Rock Rose - Phlox.

At any time, you will be able to purchase extra sets of flowers in addition to your block, once they have been launched. Also you may purchase extra ‘greenery’ if you wish to create more background.

Thank you for showing an interest in our block of the month.

Please note: We strive to keep the colours as near to the original as possible, but it may be necessary to change from the original shade, due to manufacturers discontinuing a certain colour.

Please email or phone us to sign up for our "Block of the Month"

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