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Attending the "Festival of Quilts" at the NEC - we will be out of the office from Tuesday 16th Aug until Tues 23rd Aug.

All orders placed after 12 noon on Monday 15th Aug will not be shipped until at least The 23rd Aug.


Hexiform is an alternative to the paper or card that is usually used in 'English Paper Piecing'.
Unlike paper or card, Hexiform is not removed - it remains in place to give quality form and finish.
Hexiform is fully washable, so there is no problem leaving it in.

We have a range of shapes, mostly based on the basic Hexagon.
We always measure the side-length of our shapes - never side-to-side or point-to-point.
That way you know, for instance, that a 1" hexagon will fit with a 1" diamond, a 1" square, etc.."

available as:

Hexiform Sheet

Sashing Strips

Hexiform Pre-cuts

Hexagon family:


Square family:


Pentagon family:


Curves family:


Ball Sets:


Your Basket

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